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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

[ The names in this letter have been changed due to an ongoing criminal investigation.]

January 15, 2009'

To parents, students, prospective students and parents of American Kenpo Karate University:

My name is Jane Doe and my daughter, Janet, has been taking karate from Mr. Walker for 2 years. When Janet is taking class, I sit in the back of the University and study for my college classes. I often stop to watch my daughter in class or to listen to Mr. Walker give the class instruction. One of the things I have always enjoyed the most about Mr. Walker's teaching style is that he will often instruct students on "street-wise" information. I have always enjoyed listening to this information. I never thought that it would one day save me from a violent crime.

On the 5th of this month, I was grocery shopping for a few items in Live Oak. It was latter than I usually go, about 9:45pm. As I was leaving the store I noticed a gentleman standing by his truck on his cell phone. I also noticed in the corner of the porch of the store a young gentleman watching me leave the store. At first I thought he was a worker from the grocery store but then I noticed he did not have on a uniform. I quickly assessed the situation and felt that I should approach the car with caution. If the other man had not been in the parking lot, I would have gone back in the store to ask someone to walk me to my car. I was thinking before I approached the car of what to do. I decided not to open the main part of the car but opened the trunk and quickly threw in the items and my purse as well. As I saw the man approaching, I quickly shut the trunk. I had my keys tightly in my hand with one keys sticking up so that I could use it as a weapon if need be. He asked me if I would give him a lift up town. I firmly said, "No!" and started to walk away. He walked back to the porch and I quickly got in my car and drove off.

Today, a week and a half after the incident, my friend at work showed me a newspaper article where a man at the same store on the same day [15 minutes after the man approached me] had given a man a ride and was robbed at gunpoint. That could have been me!

I am very thankful that Mr. Walker teaches his students to be "street-wise" and I am very glad I listen in class. Thanks Mr. Walker for saving me from an act of violence!

Jane Doe

This parent contacted the police and is helping identify this criminal. The man she mentions in the parking lot by his truck talking on his cell phone ended up being the one to give the younger guy a ride and ended up getting robbed. Someone else was robbed in a similar fashion at night in the WalMart parking lot 2 days earlier and they believe it was the same robber.

What we teach is not just about kicking and punching is it?? Yours in Kenpo, Tim

Timothy Walker, PSTD
4th Degree Black Belt
American Kenpo Karate University, Inc.
Branford, FL

10:20 pm est 

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